Protecting Your Pets From Stings

ImageOf course, when we see pests like bees or hornets around our homes, our number one concern is ourselves. However, pets can get stung too, so it’s important to know how to protect them. Here are just a few instructions for you to keep both you and your pets safer and more aware of the stinging insects around you.

1)   Do not tie or pen your pet near a nest. Be sure to check and make sure the area is completely clear. Make sure to check the doghouse regularly as well. Bees can nest in a variety of different places.

2)   When you’re doing yard work, make sure to put your pets inside. Bees and wasps are much more likely to attack if their surroundings are being disturbed. Loud mower noises, vibrations and odors can agitate them.

3)   When taking your dog on a walk, keep them close to you on a leash. Don’t let your dog wander underneath bushes, or through heavy brush. These are areas where they’re more likely to upset bees or wasps.

Being aware is half the battle. For everything else, there’s A1 Bee Specialists. Call us for more information on stinging insects, or to rid your home of pests today!

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